Scientific Approach

Who is Tconsulta for?

For anyone seeking for support, insight or help in dealing with difficult moments

Some cases require in person therapy or pharmaceutical treatments. If you have any doubts you can book your free appointment and a professional will be able to help you clarify any doubts on what best fits your needs.

Pharmaceutical therapy

Psychosis like schizophrenia in its different forms

Neurodevelopmental disorders like autism or ADHD


Giving support for:

Work related stress
Development crisis
Couple crisis

Improving your mental well-being by working on:

Self esteem
Positive relationships
Personal growth

Clinical intervention for:

Post traumatic stress
Personality disorders


Improving the overall well-being of the individual and reducing the possible presence of stress-related symptoms, through:

  • The enhancement of resilience;
  • The implementation of coping mechanisms;
  • The activation or reactivation of protective factors (e.g. optimism, self-esteem, emotional ties, social network).

Structure of the intervention

Counselling involves online meetings whose objective is respectively:

  • To establish a connection and introduce oneself, analyse and evaluate the request;
  • Identify self-regulation resources related to stress response syndromes;
  • Follow-up, and possible operational guidance.


Our platform protects the privacy of each user through:

  • The platform use system that guarantees the anonymity of each user;
  • The legally informed consent that defines how all information exchanged between user and psychologist will be confidential and only used for therapeutic purposes.

Our model

Characterised by the coexistence of:

  • Scientific rigour: with evidence-based protocols constantly updated according to the latest publications;
  • Deep appreciation of the patient’s subjectivity and the therapist’s skills;
  • Weekly interviews and supervised sessions that facilitate the maintenance of a common vision and give voice to each psychologist-patient couple.

Theoretical framework

Our psychological service is set within the context of a hybrid theoretical framework that draws on elements of:


  • Systemic psychology: in which the individual is the “protagonist subject” and active in the intervention
  • Positive psychology: a perspective that looks at the individual no longer in terms of deficiencies and pathology but as a holder of resources and potential
  • Cognitive-behavioural psychology: focused on solving current problems through the activation of specific skills and competences.

How we select our professionals

  • Professionalism: Our network employs professionals registered in the National Register of Psychologists with previous experience in the corporate world and beyond.
  • Interviews: Before joining our network, each psychologist undergoes two cognitive interviews and a counselling simulation.
  • Training: The Tconsulta model includes weekly interviews and supervision to guarantee the highest quality of service. Continuously updated and verified.

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